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Wise on Wheels FREE workshop!

Imagination Media was proudly invited to attend and produce an engaging video for the Wise on Wheels free workshop at the Perth City Subaru dealership and capture the events of the evening.

Women on Wheels/Wise on Wheels provides participants with a FREE vehicle and safety awareness workshop. The event is designed to empower participants by providing expert knowledge from fully trained Service Technicians. The workshop consists of five hands on workstations, including:

1. Wheel Change Procedure – learn how to operate a jack, change a wheel, and why a wheel balance is important.

2. Bumper to Bumper under vehicle inspection – ever seen underneath a car? We take a look at the exhaust, fuel tank and fuel line; we also learn how the brakes and shock absorbers work.

3. Cooling System/Fuel System & Fuse Box – now we look under the bonnet. We learn how the cooling system works and what to do if the engine overheats. You’ll see the different fuse boxes and learn what they are for. Take a look at a clean vs. dirt air filter.

4. Oil System, Electrical System & Jump Starting a low Battery – have a go at checking the oil and learn about jump starting a car.

5. Tyre Pressures & Windscreen Wipers – here you’ll learn how to check the air in your tyres and when to change your wipers.

View the highlights of the free workshop below:

To find out more about the vehicles and services offered by Perth City Subaru, or when the next workshop by Women on Wheels/Wise On Wheels will be running, visit the websites below:

Perth City Subaru:

Women On Wheels/Wise On Wheels:


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