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Take the new Ford Mustang for a Zoom Test Drive

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Aaron Pitt from Zoom meets Stephen McCourt to learn more about the modernisation of the Ford Mustang.

They take a look at the amazing, muscly exterior and some of the very functional features, then jump inside to take it for a spin and find out what the Mustang is really capable of.

Imagination Media not only came up with the creative concept of the Test Drive, we also fully produced, edited and converted the segment for multiple uses, including:

- Full segment for YouTube/Facebook (full frame, including subtitles)

- Full segment for IGTV (vertical video)

- 30 second promo for YouTube/Facebook (full frame, including subtitles)

- 30 second promo for Instagram Feed (square video)

View the full segment and 30 second promo below:

To find out more about the new Ford Mustang or the John Hughes group, visit


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