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Generation One, in conjunction with Student Edge, create a 'spark' with new program

A five-day camp for at-risk youths – Dream Spark – was launched as a pilot program by the Minderoo Foundation’s Generation One initiative.

The program seeks to connect teenagers with entrepreneurs and influencers, to create a ‘spark’ in individuals to consider their futures and build a pathway for success.

Ten young men aged between 14 and 18 took part in the program, which featured a range of activities encouraging them to think about employment and study opportunities, accelerator programs or even starting a business.

The boys, who are all in the care of the Department of Communities WA and are not currently engaged in school, flew drones, built robots and met with recruiters.

Student Edge came to Imagination Media with the task of covering the five day camp and creating a video that will highlight the advantages of the camp, with the hope it will create enough interest to sustain it in the future.

We utilised our full range of production services to embark on this large job, including pre-production, on-site production at a range of businesses around Perth, post-production and editing.

It was a massive project, but one we were extremely proud to be a part of and we, along with the client, couldn't have been happier with the outcome, not just for the final video, but also for the program as a whole.

We look forward to working on this initiative again in the future.

View the full video below:

Learn more about the Dream Spark Camp, as well as the Minderoo Foundation, the Generation One initiative and Student Edge by visiting the following websites:


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